With the team at MPR comprising lawyers who specialise in various different areas, we operate in the field of civil law, in particular in company and commercial law, (with a particular focus on insolvency proceedings), and banking law as well as administrative law, (IT and intellectual property) and criminal law.

Commercial Law:

When acting for companies, we provide advice and assistance on general issues as well as on contracts, and handle aspects of extraordinary administration such as the acquisition and/or disposal of businesses or branches of a business, the acquisition of products, liquidation where the company is not in receivership and due diligence, including on behalf of the courts. In terms of extraordinary administration, we are currently acting on matters for listed foreign groups arising from the disposal of business branches and/or restructuring and on acquisitions in the pharmaceutical sector.


Banking Law:

There is a particular focus here on issues linked to developments in banking law. Working in partnership with banks has always been one of the main features of our business, acting as their lawyers generally as well as handling aspects of extraordinary administration such as raising capital and debt restructuring. The fact that MPR has worked closely with banks over the years has meant that many of our corporate clients have worked in partnership with banks as part of their ordinary as well as extraordinary business, opening credit lines via various routes ranging from invoice discounting to mortgages and equipment leasing. Much of our time in currently invested in handling court proceedings regarding the charging of compound interest, interest rates in excess of the level established by law, maximum overdraft commission, derivatives and swaps and related issues.


Insolvency Proceedings:

We advise businesses in the manufacturing and services industries (some of which are structured on a considerable scale), who are forced to resort to insolvency proceedings and, in particular, to arrangements with creditors, keeping the business running as a going concern where possible.


Civil Law:

As a result of its long-established reputation and with a group of lawyers with proven experience, MPR is well-positioned to act for Italian and foreign clients in court and arbitration proceedings. Our expertise in the area of civil disputes is complementary to our other areas of work, and means that we can offer our clients a 360° service, combining high-level analytical skills where the dispute is concerned with a dynamic approach to how the matter should be handled.


Tax Law:

We are able to handle aspects relating to inspections and the notification of charges as well as the litigation phase activated by the Revenue Office. Specific work teams made up of tax and criminal lawyers can also assist our clients in connection with criminal aspects.


Employment Law:

Advising businesses and employees both in and out of court on all issues relating to entering into an employment contract, terminating employment and handling the employer-employee relationship, including claims for unfair dismissal, the recovery of outstanding pay, bullying in the workplace and the conversion of contracts into permanent employment contracts.


Family Law:

Advice and assistance on aspects of family law, including de facto families, separation, divorce and changes to the relevant terms, including via the recently introduced procedure designed to resolve the dispute on an amicable basis with the assistance of the parties’ lawyers, which has proved particularly useful in this area. Guardianship proceedings relating to a person’s status and legal capacity.


Administrative Law:

We advise one of the leading service companies founded entirely by regional government together with businesses in the private sector in relation to tender procedures, licences to carry out public works and provide public services, supply contracts and public incentives for investment, assisting our clients in connection with litigation in the administrative courts at all levels. We have built up a sound reputation as advisors to foreigners who live and work in Italy and have acquired a considerable amount of experience in this area.


Intellectual Property:

MPR advises on both the civil and criminal aspects of trademark and patent protection. We have acted for companies that market clothing, car accessories, furniture and household appliances, and have also advised potential claimants in connection with counterfeit goods claims, patent infringement and the infringement of industrial designs.



We advise leading ISP’s on specific IT issues as well on criminal aspects. Our clients include companies in the e-commerce sector and companies involved in the handling and marketing of databases, advising on matters relating to privacy and to consumer protection policy and legislation. We also advise private clients, who come to us mainly via communications agencies, in order to resolve internet-related problems and, in particular, issues relating to social networks and the protection of reputation online.


Criminal Law:

We represent clients in proceedings involving money laundering, the diversion of assets or destabilization of wealth to establish insolvency, fraud and tax offences, working hand-in-hand with our colleagues advising on the civil aspects. We have drafted organization, management and control systems in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/2001 for companies operating in the pharmaceutical and financial sectors, large-scale retail trade, advertising and construction. In addition, MPR sits on supervisory committees.