At Lexint, experience acquired over one hundred years in the legal sector is combined with an up-to-date vision of today’s society and the changes that it undergoes.

MPR’s unshakeable continuity is ensured by the fact that our team comprises lawyers working in various different areas, combining the values of the firm established by Filippo and Pietro Meda, one of the oldest law firms in Milan, founded in 1896 by Filippo Meda (lawyer, politician and journalist, the first chairman of Italian bank the Banca Popolare di Milano and a founder of the Sacro Cuore Catholic University), the experience and specialist expertise offered by Massimo Preti, an expert in commercial, corporate and bankruptcy law, and the vision of Stefano Ricci, criminal lawyer and co-founder of HTLaw, a firm specialising in the law relating to new technologies.

At MPR, our professional approach is based on tailoring the assistance that we provide to the various needs of our clients, establishing the basis for relationships that last over time.

Our clients, who are mainly Italian or foreign companies, medium and large-scale businesses and lenders, can therefore draw on the benefit of an ongoing and, most importantly, direct relationship with their own particular lawyer.

Our aim at all times is to provide top-quality professional services whilst maintaining a human element.

In order to be able to assist our clients in a vast range of areas of the law, MPR has eight other lawyers organised into various work teams, whilst still ensuring that the client’s professional relationship is with one contact person alone.